Summer Camp World Cup

The C Crew: Caroline, Counselor "Chuckles," Cousin Allison

Cousin Camp

Our little Caroline, age 6-and-eleven-twelfths (!), just completed a week at day camp with Cousin Allison. I picked her up Friday afternoon. She looked different, standing on “stage” for the family campfire program: Very suntanned. Very dirty. Very tired. More confident. And so incredibly happy.

The girls attended Camp Tanadoona, but they may as well have been in England, New Zealand, Scotland, Columbia or Israel. Those are just some of the home countries of their international counselor staff members. “Chuckles,” above, is from South Africa. Here is the girls’ other cabin counselor, “Sticks,” from England (they all have camp names; he plays drums):

The day camp was all day, every day, with an option to stay overnight Thursday. The girls did that, of course, and they’d have stayed every night if it was an option!

Before Caroline fell asleep on the ride home, here’s what I got out of her out her camp favorites:

Allison She loved the dedicated time with her spritely cousin. We don’t live super close, but the girls have always had a neat bond, and this time surely solidified it.

The songs! Nothing like a rousing “repeat after me/do as I do” song. They performed several songs and skits for us Fri afternoon, and she’s taught her friends so we’ve had several performances a day since then.

The water trampoline

Caroline really is a fish. She’s been confident and adept in water since she was tiny, and the waterfront was a great place to play and stay cool since it was a steamy week at camp.


Hikes in the gorgeous woods yielded neat discoveries for the campers.


The week was the watershed of World Cup soccer, with the final 16 teams being determined. Amidst energetic young people from around the world, soccer permeated free time, chants, cheers and celebrations. “I learned a lot about soccer, mom,” Caroline reported.

My favorite? Camp built her confidence, independence and enthusiasm for friends, smiles, songs, outdoors–and an appreciation for our very, very big world.

“Race you up the hill, mom!”

That’s our happy camper. I missed her desperately during the days and especially Thurs evening. Her siblings also admitted to being lonesome for “the little sister and her wild story-telling.”

Overall I highly recommend summer camp. You? Your experiences?

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