KOA’s ain’t what they used to be | SD Wrapup

KOA’s ain’t what they used to be. Growing up, Greg’s family frequented KOA campgrounds. So did the Kind clan. Back then, we were thrilled if there was a pool (never heated) and we could rustle up a quarter to dive for.

Our July 2010 stay at the Mount Rushmore KOA was like staying at a resort, surrounded by the gorgeous Black Hills scenery at the edge of Custer State Park.

Matt makes his way to the top of the water slide, built into the side of a hill.

Bounce pillow - like a gigantic trampoline

Campfire Skits

Of course we get a perk no one else enjoys: Evening skits by our very own Caroline.

It's FUN to stay at the KOA

Trail Ride

Planning our South Dakota vacation, Matt was most highly anticipating a trail ride. We did so on our last day in South Dakota, and it was a perfect ending to a great trip. It was a more rugged ride than I anticipated, but gorgeous scenery aboard patient, sturdy stock.

About as close as Greg got to a horse. Or a trail ride.
My horse was named for one of my favorite figures: Solomon. I aspire to serene wisdom.


Camper packed and GPS set, we headed back home, hopefully with a new-found mindset from the west:

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