Three-fifths of a vacation | Big Sky 2011

Rewind: Greg and I first visited Big Sky, Montana together in March, 1997.

Since then, things have multiplied: We now own 2 condos; There are now 2 more mountains full of ski runs; 1 more hottub in our pool complex. Many more extended family and friend members who join the fun. And we have 3 kids. This year, only 1 joined us in Big Sky. Julia couldn’t be persuaded to miss school. Caroline heard Gram and Gramps were on point to stay with Jules and she was all in. A week with their calm, fun nature and great cooking? Who wouldn’t love it?! Plus they saw the Sioux hockey team play in Grand Forks, then at the Xcel Center for the Final 5.

So Greg, Matt and I went to Big Sky. He’s an excellent only child. But it wasn’t the same without the girls. Even so, some highlights:

Matt, Mom -- and Rookie Cameraman Greg
The snow was gorgeous. Matt, cousins and friends are all outskiing the older crowd now (damn, ‘knew the day would come…).

"Table for three" just didn't sound right. But we loved lunch at the Pinnacle, accessible only by lift and skiing.


Next year, we'll have the right number in this family photo.
Three-fifths of a family vacation was full of happy memories. Now on to a full family vaca!

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