Teachable moments

“Why do you take your kids everywhere?” Someone asked me the other day.

I answered, “We like hanging out with them.”

But the question made me think…
Since Greg and I had Julia, we have taken our kids (nearly) everywhere. Now that I consider it, here’s the 3 key reasons why:

1. Remember, they’re just little people. That’s the best parenting advice I ever got.

2. Teachable moments. How else will they learn how to behave at a restaurant, ignore annoying fans near you at a ball game, navigate mass transit and appreciate the world around them?

…read on for #3…

Saturday, we ventured to a Twins game. Teachable moments of the day:

Patience pays

We took the light rail train, which requires a bit of patience, but you meet some very interesting people! Very.

Get off the path once in a while

We hopped off at the Minnehaha stop for lunch at Cap’s Grille, incredibly delicious barbeque. Sometimes, we venture over for a peek at Minnehaha Falls.

Appreciate the world around you

photo credit: U of M
Don’t forget to get back on the path
 Seek out special places
It was a cold, drizzly day at Target Field, so we enjoyed the First Base Club, too.
Also: Be early (we scored the game promo DQ Twins caps)
That third reason?
 3. You can always learn more
Truly, our kids have taught us more than we’ve taught them. And that’s why we take them “everywhere.” I love to learn. How else would I learn the wonder of tiny details, amazement at new sights, sadness that things aren’t fair, and true appreciation for the world around us?

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