Everything IS up to date in Kansas City

Remember the musical, Oklahoma! ? When Will Parker gets back from Kansas City and sings his experiences? Refresh your memory:

We went to Kansas City over Memorial Day weekend to cheer on our Julia and her soccer team in the Kansas City Invitational. Here’s my version of the lyrics:

We went to Kansas City on a Friday
By Saturday we’d learned a thing or two
But up ’till then we didn’t have an idea
Of what the youth soccer world was comin’ to.

Caroline and Matt enjoying the "architecture"

Even the parking lot signage tells you this is BIG TIME soccer!


We counted 30 soccer fields; 12 that were turf

Those got a little hot and steamy ~ whew!

An’ then we saw the competition ~

Girls with power and with grace

This IS the Beautiful Game at a gorgeous place!

My fav defender

Chorus (hum along!): 

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City

They’ve gone about as fer as they can go

They went an’ built a speedway that seats 80 thou’

‘N right next door, a waterpark ~

Schlitterbahn is one cool spot! 

The wave pool rocks!

One of the few times she came up for air.

Everything’s like a dream in Kansas City

It’s better than a weekend at home

We had some tasty KC barbeque (don’t ask Jaecy, she got ill)

Hung out by the pool, tried bisquits/gravy ‘n hush puppies

Made great memories with treasured friends!

We played a lotta soccer in Kansas City

Won one, tied one, lost one (in the heat)

We showed ’em what MN soccer girls are made of

And left tired, happy, smiling (and with very hot feet!)

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City… Yes, Sir!

The NoDak boy and MN girl in KC, now happy to be back home in the northland.

3 thoughts on “Everything IS up to date in Kansas City

  1. What a delightful display of excitement, family! For years, Oklahoma was my favorite musical. It was one of the first live performances I saw. The music still is spectacular. About 70 years later (started in about 1943), you “hit the nail on the head”: Everything IS up-to-date in Kansas City. It’s terrific that you all were a part of it! Love Ya, Dad/Grampa

  2. Looks like that water park is a lot of fun!
    I signed my 4 yr old up for soccer camp this summer. I know nothing about soccer – but I’m guessing that won’t matter 😉

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