The dog blogs: Rev’s 1st camping trip (in his own words)

I knew something was up when my mom packed up my food in a baggie. Then my people packed ME in. My first camping trip! Wanna hear ’bout it?

You would not BELIEVE all the trees I had to mark. Luckily, my people walked me often.
I ate a red 7 UNO card. Not much flavor. Next time I'll try blue. Or a 2.
My cousin Allie slipped me a bit of her S'more. So did my fav boy, Matt. Good stuff.
That Caroline girl slipped me some of her S'more. I think I still have marshmallow on my ears.
My aunt and uncle, Amy + Dave.
Since my people were snoozing on all the other surfaces, I figured this was my place to crash. I got scolded. Apparently it's a table. The next night, I found a bed.
Me with my best friend Mollie. She's a pro at this camping stuff.
We went to my Grandma Donna's house (very near the campground). They even made pancakes for me and Mollie.
I love my people. I think I still have syrup on my ears.
My dad brought us down to the beach.
I can dog paddle!
My people did the boat paddle!
Mol towed Caroline.
Strolling back to our campsite behind my people.


My Julia found a new pet. I was a tad jealous…


…until she scooped me up. I love my Julia!


Caroline and Allison cast me in another of their theatre productions. This time, I was a wolf!

 Now, I’m happy to be home. And can’t wait until I notice my people packing my food again. I’m one happy camper.

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