The Land of Gitchi Gummi

We’re always looking for a reason to go “up north,” so we were thrilled Julia’s soccer team signed on for the Gitchi Gummi Soccer Tourney in Duluth. It was a perfect weekend on Gitchi Gummi (Native Americans’ name for Lake Superior) and just hangin’ together.

The only thing missing? Our boys. The summer “honey do” list beckoned Greg, so he and Matt stayed home. Word is they got in a little golf.

Of course we also left the pooches at home. Here’s one of our “pets,” who we fed from our little balcony.

Girlz weekend

My fondest memory of the weekend: Breakfast together overlooking the lake. In our jammies.

The other end of I-35

Very near our home, Interstates 35E and 35W merge to become I-35 again and head due south to places like Kansas City

For this trip, we travelled to the other end, where I-35 eases into London Road and the North Shore. In fact, we stayed at The Edge, right at that intersection. Caroline is certain Lady Gaga was just there, too, and it inspired her latest hit:

If you stay at The Edge, ensure you’re in the new part, splurge for a suite, bring crackers and cookies for the seagulls, enjoy the pool and waterpark–and say hi to Tiki Tom for us!

Grandma’s x2

Friday evening, we met a teammate’s family for dinner at the legendary Grandma’s Restaurant in Canal Park. The girls had happy memories of our visit there last summer. We returned there for lunch on Saturday with most of the team, and even got to see the lift bridge in action for a huge German ship!

Celebrating their big upset win on Saturday ~


Soccer amidst the pines

The Jean Duluth Soccer Complex is a nice venue for the “beautiful game.” The girls played beautifully, too, winnning their bracket on Saturday against teams far above our level. (We signed on for this tourney to get some tough competition in the middle of our season. And we got it!)

Coach Tom checks in his team


Emilie, Julia, Elise ~ These girls are strong, feisty, smart and really know how to have fun. I've loved getting to know all these neat young ladies.

Caroline & Emilie, who is a great, ahem, writer (?!)
My fellow fan and her sun parasol
Perfect sun all weekend: We went from thick sweatshirts at our hotel to tank tops at the soccer fields. Vintage North Shore weather!

 Superior sunset

Saturday evening we had a team potluck, poolside. It was those perfect summer nights … the kind we dream about in January.

Sunday, we played one more game, then headed home — tired, sunburned, smiling, and with happy memories to sprinkle our dreams this next January!


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