Second-best ballpark: PETCO Park

Two years ago, I’d have told you our MN Twins play in the worst ballpark in North America. Probably Asia, too.

That was before magical Target Field opened. Now, it’s easily #1 of those we’ve visited.

Close second: PETCO Park in San Diego. We visited there last week on the first evening of our California vacation. (For the record, #3 is Wrigley.)

The view from center field where there is, of couse, a sandy beach.


Unlike the sculptures we saw on the Pacific coast beaches, this creation isn't susceptible to high tide. Just homeruns.


No cleats (or even flip-flops) required.

Lookit me, wanna be, center field

We entered the park near center field, where there is a large urban park. As in, trees, benches, flower gardens and some grass, where the dogs haven’t marked it. It’s a dog park! This is PETCO Park, after all. Also in this part of the park:

Great with a glove. AND a bat. How can you not admire Tony Gwynn?
Good view of BP.
How do you think those missionaries survived out here? Padres' guidance and a few sweets.
Diamond within: There's a field where a pickup game continued all through the Padres' game. Here, Matt sends a few over the fence. Wish there was room at Target Field for this.
Nice views from all the seats we tried (and much more affordable than Target Field. W's = $s, apparently...)

O Dog

The Padres played the Dodgers, and we got to see former Twins Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett on their new home field. It was a pitcher’s duel until the last few innings, and a few hits and homers kept it interesting.

Taste of things to come

It was a gorgeous evening that showed us what was in store for our week ahead in San Diego:

1. It gets cool at night. Downright chilly.

2. The military, specifically the Navy, is a prominent part of this community, and everyone is VERY proud of their servicepeople. There are two bases on Coronado Island and several nearby. Their missions, history and families figure prominently in the area.

3. There’s great food options, especially seafood and spanish/mexican

Geared up for a week of family vaca...

Posts to come: MN soccer girls vs. Cali futballers, best SoCal beaches and a morning aboard an aircraft carrier…

Heart’s desire in your own backyard

The sweet, unscripted anticipation of a summer morning. We love travel, adventures and exploring our world. Yet sometimes, we find pure joy in our own backyard. Especially on summer days, with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, water — and a little ice cream.

(c) to Dorothy: …”If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

Caroline's friends and Julia's charges on one lovely summer afternoon, enjoying our porch swing.
Just add water.

Darling neighbor Abby.
Root beer floats (secret ingredient: pinch of anise blended into the ice cream)
Ah, our little Caroline ...

There’s offiicially 1 month of summer left. Find some joy in your own backyard!