Remembering Kasey

Our neighbors had to send their beloved yellow lab to heaven this week, so our own yellow labrador, Kasey, has been on my mind. She would have been 16 this month. She was the first pet Greg and I adopted together. Long before kids. Actually, she was our first baby.

Together, we lived in 4 houses, survived the Grand Forks flood (and 2 month evacuation), welcomed in 3 kids, 3 other dogs and put on who-knows-how-many miles of walks, jogs and runs (depending on my pregnant status). 

But of all the incredible memories of time with our first little one, I realize most of all that it was Kasey who taught me how to be a good parent. It’s simple, really:

Lots of fresh air and exercise.

Good food, but not too much at once.

Lots of water.

Lots of hugs and kisses. A little discipline.

Absolute, unconditional love. No matter what.

Some nights, I still sense her sleeping on our bedroom floor. It makes me smile and gives me great comfort.

Everything she taught me, I use every day.

And I miss her every day–especially this gorgeous fall day, the sunlight beckoning me for a long walk. She’d have loved it. I like to think she is with me when I walk our current two four-legged kiddos.

Thanks for making me a better mom, Kase.  Love you puppy girl. Ready for that walk? I’ll get the leash, hon.


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