What we did with our extra hour: Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

What to do with kids ages 13, 11 and 8? It’s getting to be more of a challenge. Daylight savings time ended this weekend, and I consider the additional hour pure “free” time. (Sporty, smart, involved kids and working moms don’t have much of that.) All kids do love to jump sky high, so our time at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park had us ALL very happy!

The kids had Friday off school for the end of 1st quarter. We loaded up the SUV with friends and went to Sky Zone.

Six tips for aiming high

As with everything, I’m hoping the kids learned something from our outing amidst the sheer fun. Things like:

1. Age doesn’t matter.

If you go to Sky Zone, bring all your kids of all ages (there’s even a ‘toddler’ area for the littlest jumpers).

Sisters! That's bro in the background, scoping out his next jump moves site.
Nice air, Matt.
Cool moves, Jake R (Matt’s bud).

2. Dish it out, but be sure you can take the pressure, too.

This may be one of the last places you can play Dodgeball! Try it – adding the bounce literally adds a whole ‘nother dimension.

Shoulda seen the boys' faces when they saw this!

3. Always try new things. Always.

Try the trampolines, Dodgeball and run into the foam pit with the ‘jumping shoes’ they issue you. But also try everything barefoot. All the kids in our group preferred barefoot! 

Kate, Maddie and our Julia
Nice quad moves, ladies

4. Get a different perspective

At Sky Zone, there’s even trampolines on the walls. So go ahead, bouce off the walls. Just make sure you always land on your own two feet somewhere.

5. Anything that makes you sweat is a good thing.

Lookit these rosy-cheeked, glistening kids ~ love it!

6. Plan ahead

Sky Zone’s biggest advantage is also its biggest drawback. They only allow in a certain number of jumpers at one time, which makes it a lot more fun (and safe!). Consider pre-purchasing tickets online. We got in just fine, but they closed admissions right after we started jumping. You can also ‘like’  Sky Zone’s Facebook page to get alerts about sold out times.

Bring water bottles because you WILL get thirsty. Or bring a couple bucks for water at their cafe.

Consider wearing shorts and short sleeve shorts — they have lockers to shed the other layers.

Eat well before you go so you’re not hungry but also not too full. As mentioned, there is a cafe there, but who wants to waste time eating when you can be having fun?

Now, the only question is: When is our next day off school, mom?

We highly recommend Sky Zone — and we’ll be back.

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