Thanks, Veterans: Our aircraft carrier visit to the USS Midway

In the Brig

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, men and women of our armed services. We owe you….well, absolutely everything. Today has me harkening back to our day aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. Especially the veteran I met who served during the Fall of Saigon and shared some incredibly bittersweet memories with incredible pride in his voice. Thank you for the indelible memory, sir.

Sailor Grandpa Ron
Throughout our visit to this now-museum carrier, we talked and thought about Greg’s dad, Ron, who served on a carrier just a few decades ago. The Midway is now the Midway Museum, docked in San Diego, and gave us a great idea of how Sailor Ron’s time–and all Navy servicepeople’s time–was on board.
Permission to come aboard:

Flight training

War room deliberations
"...for those in peril on the sea."
Brownie recipe in the galley, including 3 1/3 lbs. (lbs!) prune puree

If you’re in the area, this is a great tour. Allow at least 3 hours, and don’t miss this view, which is the shared wish of every single American for every single serviceperson:

25-foot version of "Times Square Kiss" - fitting larger-than-life tribute to larger-than-life Veterans


Docked nearby is the USS Carl Vinson, site of the college basketball game later today (and the carrier that held Osama bin Laden’s body earlier this year). More on that in this great article.

photo credit: LA Times

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