Ride of a LifeTime

Lately, Greg and I have been sneaking out weekend mornings while the kids (and lazy dogs) snooze in. Today, we did the Ride of a LifeTime.

We’ve always enjoyed working out together, and the one class we attend together at our Lifetime Fitness is indoor cycling. Since my knee surgery, I’m back in the saddle. At a class last week, an instructor promoted the Ride of a LifeTime event. At a weak moment, Greg agreed. (After he required me to get written permission from my physical therapist that I could do a 2-hr. ride. sheesh, even he knows I’m not good at moderation.)

I love big cities

We packed our bike shoes and water bottles and drove the quick 15 min. to St. Paul. Chilly but gorgeous late winter/early spring (!) Sunday morning.

Found on-street (free!) parking quickly, but not before a drive through the gorgeous, historic urban beauty of Rice Park — just after passing the modern new Science Museum of Minnesota and Xcel Energy Center.

photo credit: Virtual Tourist

3’s the charm

This is the third event of its type. The first one earned LifeTime the World Record for Largest Indoor Cycling Class. We walked in, checked in smoothly and changed into our jerseys (a requirement to participate). We found 2 bikes next to each other, which was a bit of a challenge even 1 hour or so before the class was slated to start. Greg likes the back row; I’m a front row girl. So of course we were in the back row. But in the center section, so we had a great view of the stage.

Walking down the steps, I'm thinking this is today's "what did I get myself into?" moment

Impressive inspiration

As we rounded the corner, the 1,000+ bikes, perfectly arranged, were impressive. Some very dedicated employees moved all these bikes out of the club studios, into trucks, then off trucks and into RiverCentre? +whew+ The stage was set, music was playing — I was ready!

Clipped in and ready to ride.

Lights, cadence, tension

The lights went down, music cranked up, and so did my bike tension and pedal cadence. Man, I missed spin class! First instructor was Bahram Akradi, founder and CEO of LifeTime. He had a DJ and amazing drum dude up on stage with him, plus 4 other instructors who later took stints at the mic. Pssst: I was really eager to see Bahram in action. ‘Never met the guy, but I’m impressed by his innovation, creation, outlook and attitude. From his first syllable, I loved his perspiration inspiration. He’s crazy — in all the good ways. Knows when to push, when to challenge, when to compliment. Great start. If I need a push in bike class this week, I’l conjure his “Beat, beat, beat, beat…gimme that beat.”

Beat It

About an hour in, we got the special special entertainment Bahram promised.

Michael Jackson! So perhaps if my beloved MJ had been a LifeTime member, he’d still be around, eh? This group was really good. Great dance moves that kept me pedaling, sweating, laughing and clapping. Nothing like a little party on a bike!

Finish line

We did it! It was tougher than even a 2 hr ride at our own club. The intensity was great. Knee held up terrific! And don’t tell him, but I’m pretty sure I crossed the finish line before my incredible husband.

Great ride.

One thought on “Ride of a LifeTime

  1. You guys are animals! I love the part about picking your spot. I was prepared for you meeting in the middle but I should’ve known better!

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