Youth hockey season memories

44 games.

4 tournaments.

21 rinks.

How many skate sharpenings?

Countless miles through cities, farmland, prairies, woods, over rivers

Lovely drives throughout the Great State of Hockey.

It all adds up to pure joy.

This was a phenomenal hockey season. Great boys. Inspiring, dedicated coaches. Like-minded parents and siblings. Low moments: Teammate Matt L’s concussion and ensuing recovery; Jack Jablonski’s accident and its affect on us all.

The most enduring image of this hockey season. Matty's helmet stickers to honor Jack Jablonski, remind and inspire us all. Saw this on youth hockey players' helmets throughout the state. Go, Jabby, Go!

I will forever remember the smiles, passes, shots, goals, goals-given-up, hot cocoa, hockey glove stench, yes tears and wonderful action of this season.

Thanks, Matty. I love being a hockey mom. Almost as much as I cherish being your mom.

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