Arizona #1: Spring Training

Baseball fans beget baseball fans. Gram Donna, Cara, Julia, moi.

Our first stop after a smoooooooth plane ride to Phoenix: Spring Training baseball at Surprise Stadium, the Texas Rangers (*Josh Hamilton, sigh*) hosting the San Diego Padres. Perfect start to our Spring Break vacation. Some images:

Time to teach our young ladies how to travel, Girl-Style!

Grandma Donna scored us sweet seats!
The Anthem on trumpet ~ chills in the hot AZ sun.
Former Twin and current manager Ron Washington, one of my faves.
Smile, Josh. We are!

After a couple nasty fan injuries (broken bats should not land on ladies’ heads; line drive foul balls are not meant to be caught bare-handed), Caroline offered some wisdom, “I think we should go now.” The starters were all done, and we were ready for more adventures in the AZ sun.

Nice scenery, part 1.
Nice scenery, part 2.

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