Arizona #2: Scottsdale, Sedona

Our #1 reason for spending Spring Break in Arizona was to visit my parents, who both now winter there. Both were INCREDIBLE hosts! Both are also teachers (semi-retired and still substitute in both MN and AZ), so our glorious time in the sun was also filled with learning time (of course!).

So what would YOU do if this motley crew showed up? This was during our Scottsdale day.

Starting with Scottsdale and Sedona, some of our lessons:

History and Archeology lessons ~ Montezuma's Castle isn't what its finders originally thought.
The girls weren't thrilled by the time we got to Montezuma's Castle, but the look on their faces when they rounded the corner and saw this amazing ancient dwelling was SO WORTH the grumbling.
Botany/Horticulture lessons ~ Little Caroline, especially, LOVED the saguaro and other cactus and all the info about these amazing plants.
Gourmet Cooking lessons ~ from Auntie Carol at their exquisite Scottsdale home. Homemade hot fudge (just typing it makes me drool.)
Yes, of course we lunched.
Wild West/Zoology lessons ~ Can you imagine coming to the AZ territories with a burro, wagon and just your pioneer spirit? Quote of the day: "Not me. I'd have stayed in Boston." -- Auntie Carol
Cool place to spend part of an afternoon!

Geology lessons ~ Especially in Sedona.
Art lessons ~ The sculpture outside the Pink Jeep pick-up point!
Outdoor Adventure lessons ~ hiking in the red rocks (with lots of geology and botany mixed in!)
Smart, feisty, GORGEOUS students - they took the rumble seat for our jeep ride. Brave, too!

Me and my mom : )

Architecture lessons ~ Chapel of the Holy Cross (where Auntie Zoa once served!)
Sometimes, God already created the best architecture. (okay, Alltimes.)
"Let's call Dad and see if we can buy this pad." Ah, Sedona real estate...
Mineral lessons ~ the story of Jerome, a former booming mining town. Gorgeous drive from Sedona back to Wickenburg.


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