Best. Birthday. Ever. (so far)

Time to check off another Hansen Family Summer Bucket List item:

A morning with glitter = an evening of fun! Thanks for the artistic sign, little Caroline.

Our Twins aren’t having a great year, but Target Field is still a magical place to spend an evening. Especially your 44th birthday evening.

My seat mates. (It was a little strange without Julia, who was away at Gustie Soccer Camp.)
Mr. Youkilis was traded just the day before from the Red Sox. I loved him as a Red Soxer; not so much in the evil black and grey. Legendary player, though…
Oh, A.J….. Where WAS he born, anyway? Even the stats/big screen operators don’t seem to know.
Nice view of my current fave Twin.
Beautifully PERFECT Minnesota evening, watching the sun set on downtown… This is what I will conjure up to remember in January.

BBest of all: The TWINs WON! Beating the White Sox was a great birthday gift. Time with our family was the best.

School’s OUT for SUMMER: Back to Baylor

Camping is more fun with more people. So we were thrilled to camp alongside my brother, Dave, along with his wife Amy and their kiddos, Allie and Justin. Julia’s friend Meghan also joined us. We spent the weekend at Baylor Regional Park, celebrating the first weekend of the kids’ vacation from school.

On the board in Caroline’s 2nd grade classroom. Ah, the possibilities!

We also spent the weekend finalizing our family’s Summer Bucket List, built with an ice cream bucket, slips of paper, good old-fashioned clothes pins and best of all: imagination and goal-setting with a sense of humor!

We started filling the bucket immediately:

Pedal, girls, pedal!
That’s Meghan, Julia and gorgeous Allie, at the beach one evening.
The boys golfed 18 on Saturday morning!
Saturday was steamy hot, so we spent it near water! Julia, Matty, Grandma Donna, Allie, Justin and Meghan.

The kids created a Haunted Trail, full of zombies, haunted outhouses, snakes, rats, hidden bog monsters–and a tour guide with a British accent (nice lilt, Matty).

And of course we wrapped it all up with great meals and s’mores.

Pretty perfect.

I hope this lovely weekend is a sign of a great summer to come.

Now, what’s next on the Bucket List?!