Best. Birthday. Ever. (so far)

Time to check off another Hansen Family Summer Bucket List item:

A morning with glitter = an evening of fun! Thanks for the artistic sign, little Caroline.

Our Twins aren’t having a great year, but Target Field is still a magical place to spend an evening. Especially your 44th birthday evening.

My seat mates. (It was a little strange without Julia, who was away at Gustie Soccer Camp.)
Mr. Youkilis was traded just the day before from the Red Sox. I loved him as a Red Soxer; not so much in the evil black and grey. Legendary player, though…
Oh, A.J….. Where WAS he born, anyway? Even the stats/big screen operators don’t seem to know.
Nice view of my current fave Twin.
Beautifully PERFECT Minnesota evening, watching the sun set on downtown… This is what I will conjure up to remember in January.

BBest of all: The TWINs WON! Beating the White Sox was a great birthday gift. Time with our family was the best.

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