Sylvan Lake. Rocks.

I could live happily ever after in Custer State Park. Mostly because of Sylvan Lake. During our Black Hills vacation, we spent a lot of time in the park, and most of it at Sylvan Lake because it has things we all like to do there. Hike. Swim. Climb. Jump off rocks. Picnic. And only the jumping off rocks is illegal, ahem, Julia…

Some highlights of our legal fun at Sylvan Lake:

There’s a neat 1-mile trail around the lake. A little climbing, a little stream crossing = a great way to start the day.

Fun crevices to explore. Matt’s view: “Uh, my shoe is stuck and I REALLY don’t feel like re-enacting that 120 Hours Movie thing.” Thankfully, he pried it out.
What. A. View.
oh, Matty…
yo, girls…
Cool framing from cool rock formations.

Another day, we set up our picnic at the day use area (beach):

Best seat in the house.


Rocks islands within swimming distance? Let’s go!

That’s Matt and Caroline in the middle. Julia joined them shortly.

K. Enough pictures. I dived in to join them! Greg was video-taping, so perhaps I’ll post some of those images…

Meanwhile, we all have fond memories of our times at Sylvan Lake. Next time: Water shoes.

One thought on “Sylvan Lake. Rocks.

  1. The highlights just don’t stop. Congratulations, you’ve all made some fine choices to make a trip/vacation truly memorable. Love, Dad/Grampa

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