Build-A-Beary Sweet Sleepover Birthday!

Aren’t summer birthdays the BEST?

Fewer limits on schedules, timing, bedtimes…Perfect for a sleepover birthday bash! Caroline planned her 9th birthday celebration to include Build-A-Bear Workshop (except Jules, our family had never been there), Bear Olympics (it was during the 2012 Games) and of course the icing on the cake: a Sleepover. It was a great time!

Silly girls (big Sis and fellow August bday babe Jules too)!

Planning is everything

I’m a bit of a Nazi on planning: especially birthdays. So I planned our trek to the Mall of America (nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop to us) on a Saturday well in advance. Background: I detest MOA. Except for a few stores, which I can do in a targeted lap, I steer clear of this place at all costs. So why did Greg and I end up taking 10 kids there on the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Mall? All in the name of motherly birthday party love…

Birthday girl getting ready to build her bear.
Giving her bear a heart as open, kind, gentle and loving as her.
Stuffed and now fluffed!

Build-A-Bear is an EXCELLENT party place. Our party lead was FABULOUS and had the girls laughing, singing, contributing–all while creating their bears and making Cara feel very special. I prefer home birthday parties, but this was the BEST outside party we’ve done. High marks!

Back at home…

The bears did a series of Olympic events. I was handing out medals so there are not many photos. This was really fun and the girls got into it more than I expected. Then it was time for cake, ice cream and gifts.

Talia’s bear scored Gold in the ribbon gymnastics event.
Best present? A sister to share your celebration. The August bday babes.


In true Olympic style, the Bears slept with their Medals on.

The girls got quite a bit of sleep and had a beary good time. (You can sleep when you’re dead is my motto. Now is the time for fun!)

We wrapped it all up with a Bear Breakfast!

Happy Birthday to a little lady we all love Beary Beary much. Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline.

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