Our perfectly Minnesotan day

Minneapolis-St Paul was just ranked as a must-visit spot by Lonely Planet, endorsed for our lakes, outdoor activities, nightlife and historical venues. So on a snowy Sunday in December, our family covered quintessentially Minnesota action!

As someone in the article notes, Minnesotans love to play outside, cheer on their sports teams, support the arts and history, are skeptical of mass transit, a bit reserved and zealous with travel.

I couldn’t agree more!

Minnesotans love to play outside

My #1 favorite thing about my native and now home again state. I started the day with a lovely walk in the woods nearby, just blanketed in gorgeous snow (my #1A favorite thing about MN). It was so silent–except for our pet dogs, racing around with pure unbridled joy.

dogs in woods

dogs in woods 2

Minnesotans love to travel

Our Julia was doing just that, enjoying a week in Florida with a friend and her great family. We get photos like this texted to us:

julia in fla

Minnesotans are skeptical of mass transit

Yep. We had tickets to the Vikings  – Chi Bears game, but Matt also had a hockey game (because “all Minnesotans all play hockey” of course), so Caroline and I took the light rail downtown and Greg gave us a ride back to our vehicle after the game. See? We just went one way on the train.

It was lovely, including these views, surrounded by Bears fan on a super crowded train.

Fort Snelling cemetery.
Fort Snelling cemetery.



downtown 2

Minnesotans are reserved

As the train approached our stop, da Bears fans regaled us with “Bear Down, Chicago Bears.” The Vikes fans didn’t break into “Skol Vikings.” But this was before the game. Which my beloved Vikes won. Betcha my purple neighbors sang on the way home!

Minnesotans cheer on their teams

Oh yes, we do. In all the agony that entails. Caroline and I schlepped our way into the Dome, ready for GAME DAY!

me and c

We also enjoyed our VIP Field Passes, seeing the players, coaches, game day staff members, equipment and warmups up close.

cara on field

Minnesotans love hockey

Well, when your lakes are frozen much of the year, you make the most of it! Matt and Greg missed this on-field experience because Matty’s team was playing for some hardware in a hockey tournament. (Thankfully, they have been on the field before.) The boys won their game! The trophy is a White Bear, which amused us all when they arrived in our seats just after kick-off.

Looks like Matty beat him to the puck on this one!
Looks like Matty beat him to the puck on this one! Photo credit: Dan R.

We got home (slowly with the lousy weather) in time to clear the driveway and play in the snow.

Sounds like a perfectly Minnesotan day to me.