Road Trip to Home Sweet Home

What did our family do on the first weekend off from our own kid’s hockey season?

Drove 328+ miles to watch more hockey!

Moments I’ll forever remember from our
Road Trip to [one of my] Home Sweet Homes (aka North Dakota):

The kids, along with cousin Adam who we picked up in Fargo, so excited going into The Ralph. Matty literally skipped up the walkways. Love that boy.


Visiting with my colleague Susan, in seats from my colleague Linda (Thanks, Linda!). Love these smart professional ladies, and don’t see them often enough since I work remotely. Another reason we work together so well? We all love Sioux sports!

A little date time with the best souvenir I ever found in North Dakota, hubby Greg (the kids sat in other seats with other relatives). Ah, the times he and I have spent watching Sioux hockey … 21 winters now!


Thinking about my father-in-law, a veteran, in his seat across the arena, as we all proudly watched Former Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha ceremonially drop the puck before Friday night’s game. He’s only the fourth living U.S. soldier to receive the Medal of Honor. As it turned out, that was by far the most exciting moment of the game. Here he is in a more somber moment, Feb. 11:

photo credit:
photo credit:

Watching our Caroline talk her Grandpa’s ear off during the game, and seeing him smile and listen and laugh. Generations bridged!

Listening to my mother-in-law tell stories about my husband and his youth hockey days. I never tire of those tales!

Thinking about how much fun our daughters had staying overnight with Gram and Gramps.

Watching our nephew Adam play in his final tourney of the season in Fargo ~ Go Freeze!

When your aunt and uncle are on penalty box and scorebook duty, you get to help.
When your aunt and uncle are on penalty box and scorebook duty, you get to help.

Settling in for Saturday Night at The Ralph ~ MUCH better game with a little of everything, including OT and the bittersweet Seniors Night!


Finding one of our middle-schoolers’ classmates at The Ralph (we’re actually surrounded by UND grads and fans in Lakeville):


One last hockey game on Saturday morning for Adam and his Squirt teammates. Barn burner that went to OT.


A weekend of memories from a very special place I’ll always proudly call one of my home sweet homes.

One thought on “Road Trip to Home Sweet Home

  1. Spectacular photos of some of my favorite people! 328 miles isn’t bad when it produces such fine results and experiences. My love to each of you, Dad/Grampa

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