Mayday, Milestone May Days!

My very scientific poll reveals that May is the craziest month of every year. For everyone. So instead of howling, Mayday!, I’ve opted to breathe in on May 1, skip sleep and deep cleaning and enjoy every moment of these Lovely May Days. Exhaling in early June now, I’m already a tad sad the month is over. But looking back makes me smile (and prepare for a quiet evening with a good book).

It starts very early on May 1. We make homemade goodies to fill May Baskets and “sneak” them to the neighbors in the morning. It sure starts our day bright.


Spring color


Julia and I accomplished one of our goals for the year: Run a color run. We did Run or Dye on Harriet Island in St Paul. It was a very chilly morning, but the music, our dancing, her laughter and our bit of nerves kept us warm. She is a runner. Her mom, not so much. But she slowed her pace to just under an 8 minute mile, and I could keep up. The course was beautiful, right along the river with views of my beloved downtown St Paul. And at the finish line, she held my hand as we sprinted across and hugged me big. I trust she’ll run every “race” in life with similar poise, preparation, zest — and true accomplishment. Love our young lady.


Calendar check

Our very snowy winter continued through May, so the dogs and I enjoyed bonus time on lovely winter wonderland woods hikes. It got to the point where I couldn’t tell anyone how much I was loving the extra snow walks. Even my heartiest MN friends had HAD IT WITH SNOW. Not me. Not quite yet.


Dance in the rain

When the snow did subside, we had rain. Perfect for evenings on our front porch, surrounded by kids dancing in puddles, the marvelous scent of wet dogs and laughter echoing under the inevitable rainbows.


Mighty Mile

Greatest show of school spirit happens in May at our kids’ middle school, Century. It’s always held on a Friday when the younger kids do not have school so they can cheer on siblings, neighbors–and see the cool things in store when they reach middle school. In six waves (starting with 6th grade girls, then 6th grade boys, and so on), the kids all run a beautiful one-mile course around/on their school grounds.

Mighty Mile 2013
Mighty Mile 2013

The sidewalks are decorated with inspirational (and sassy good) messages in chalk, parents come, some teachers and staff members run–and the kids cheer each other on. It gets me happy-teary-eyed every time. Groups of kids plan their running attire, style and pace. Some amazing times have been set — top times are emblazoned forever on a plaque in the school. It’s fun to compare the 6th grade girls to the 8th grade boys, and realize the incredible transformation that takes place while kids are at this school. Hopefully, they also learn the paramount importance of spirit!

Birthday boys

Matty and Greg celebrate their birthdays in May. We now have a teenage boy at our house!


Matty celebrated his birthday with a couple buddies in sweet seats at a Twins game. All are hockey players, so I think the highlight was the Wild players in the homerun derby as pre-game. Since we were so close, Josh Harding signed the boys’ baseballs and tossed ’em back to very happy Matt and his friends.


The boys also ruled the big screen, appearing on it several times throughout the game.



Julia celebrated her confirmation with a beautiful service and lovely afternoon with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins and many others.

Julia with her sis and their cousin Allison.
Julia with her sis and their cousin Allison.
Oh how I pray these young ladies shall always knows God's love for them and lean on Him.
Oh how I pray these young ladies shall always knows God’s love for them and lean on Him.
With baby bro Matt.
With baby bro Matt.
One of our best blessings.
One of our best blessings.

Girls rock!

Cara attended a Girl Scouts concert and “flew up” to her next level in Girl Scouts.



Cool curriculum

Each year in school, there is one “big” project. Third grade, it’s the wax museum, where each student “becomes” a historical person for an afternoon. They must do the research, write the speech, assemble the costume–and deliver the speech to museum visitors. Our Clara Barton rocked it!


Seems like yesterday that Julia was Betsy Ross for her wax museum. Did I mention May is crazy?
Seems like yesterday that Julia was Betsy Ross for her wax museum. Did I mention May is crazy?
Of course Clara's personal chef made her a theme breakfast (Clara is most well known for starting the Red Cross).
Of course Clara’s personal chef made her a theme breakfast (Clara is most well known for starting the Red Cross).

We thrived through another crazy May. And I loved every minute of it. Now, bring on summer!


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