My Summer Bumper Sticker

new day

We sang this at Church this morning, and amongst other beautiful “aha” moments from Bill’s sermon and majestic music, the last line is now my mantra for summer vacation. I was so hungry for something to guide me this summer, and I feel more relaxed already, now that I have this.

The kids are done with school for the year, which begins a whole new level of activity around our house (read = neighborhood, community, state!). If I had a bumper sticker for my beloved Sequoia, in which I will spend lots of time chauffeuring kiddos to summer action, this would be it.

A.M. is not the problem

I am a morning person, often rising before dawn with anticipation, joy, eagerness for the day–and more plans for it than could ever fit in 24 hours. My morning prayers are centered on optimism and excitement for the day ahead. Yet as the hours unfold with myriad activities, I get drained. Annoyed. Short-tempered. Anxious.

But why would I not get to the end of the day and celebrate the accomplishments, moments of joy, sweet surprises and beauty of a full day, well-spent? Perhaps it’s time to start.

So this summer, I shall try to be singing when the evening comes. Does it still count if it takes a glass of wine to get there?


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