Why Minnesotans are their best selves in early August

It’s a watershed moment in beautiful Minnesota: The first 2 weeks of August.

The MN State Fair is set to start, school days are a distant memory and not yet on the horizon. Most summer youth sports have wrapped up, and there’s time off before fall action begins.

At this moment, in this state — Minnesotans are their very best selves.

Our annual flowers are flourishing … even though we’re dead-heading the damn petunias twice a day.

We’re eating fresh sweet corn and BLT’s for every meal … and the ridiculous zucchini harvest hasn’t peaked yet.

Our sunburns have faded to tans. It’s acceptable to wear white shorts … even the elders look acceptable in faded 1987 World Series muscle tees.

Thanks to all our lakes and rivers, we’ve been in, on and next to water a lot … we’re dreaming about when we’ll get to skate on it.

The sting is gone: Our Twins are who they are … and Target Field is still a sweet spot.

The Vikes look to win the Super Bowl … training in ‘Kato has big promise.

We know the sneaky side roads to avoid construction … and drives behind a snow plow look inviting.

‘Haven’t worn Uggs for a few weeks … hear the new colors will look good on us.

We’re accustomed to the mingled scents of sunscreen and bug repellent.

A perfect combination of optimism and realism. That’s Minnesotans. And right now, we are our best selves.

One thought on “Why Minnesotans are their best selves in early August

  1. Minnesota is the best and your wonderful words describe it well ! Great writing my talented daughter !!!!

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