My top Dome memories aren’t on the Top 10 Lists

Sunday, I’ll be at the last game ever at The Dome (I refuse to call it Mall of America Field). I’m happy to say goodbye, since it’s a dump.

But it’s OUR dump.

And as a lifelong sports fan, many of my best memories took place right there. Yeah, I was there waving my Homer Hankies for the World Series–both of ’em. I saw the Rolling Stones there. Cheered on Kirby. Saw a few of the NCAA men’s basketball final 4 games there. Kept our oldest kid out too late on a school night to watch Carlos Gomez win a game in the 10th inning to make the MLB playoffs. Pretty cool.

But here are a few Dome memories you won’t see on all the Best Dome Moments Lists. I think they’re better because, well, they’re my memories. And I will treasure them forever. Goodbye, Dome. Thank you.

1. Starving to see Nolan Ryan

As a college kid, I knew the pitching rotation of every team. It became clear Nolan Ryan would probably be up while they were in Minnesota. I prayed, skipped lunch for days and used that money for bus fare and a $5 ticket to see Nolan Ryan pitch. Worth every cent. And hunger pang.

nolan ryan

2. Sid’s sage advice

Since I could read, Sid Hartman has been one of my heroes. I met him in The Dome concourse one Twins Sunday afternoon game when I was in college, studying communications and English and contemplating my career. I got up enough nerve to say Hi and he chatted for a bit. I’ll never forget his advice: “Never stop being curious. Newspapers are changing, go into something else. And never act your age.” I’ve always wanted him to know I follow that advice every single day.

Sid Hartman Bronze Statue Target Field Twins Game Pre-Game
I still try to stop by and say Hi to my hero Sid, who now stands sentinel at Target Field.

3. Air Jordan

I knew someone who got us court side seats for the MN Timberwolves first home game. Yes, they started at the Dome. They played the Chicago Bulls, including Michael Jordan in his prime. Seeing him fly, literally fly, from so close was amazing.

4. “I can die happy.”

August 25, 2009, the NFL player who I so loved watching joined OUR TEAM. #4, Brett Favre, had beat up our Vikes so many times but now, he was ours. I went to the game, thanks to great seats from my husband and his amazing connections. It was electric. We all stood for Brett’s first drive as OUR QB. Then, the older gentleman behind me eased into his seat and breathed happily, “I can die happy.” We’ve returned since, and I always look for that gentleman. Perhaps he is gone now. I’m glad he’s happy. (And after I got off suicide watch when Brett & co. got beat in the playoffs, I went back to the Dome to see #4 again. It wasn’t as memorable.)

5. Left field bliss

Again as a college kid, all I could usually afford were cheap seats. But left field, with a great view of Dan Gladden from, ahem, behind suited me just fine.

See? Nice scenery from this side, too.
See? Nice scenery from this side, too.

6. Introducing a new generation

In the chunk of time we lived in North Dakota, we always made time for a Twins game when we returned here for a visit. I proudly watched our kids get sucked out of the Dome, taught them to keep score, and cheered on the team. The Twins sucked their last __ years in the Dome. But we loved them. When we moved back to Minnesota, we spent more time there. One afternoon, we donned our Joe Mauer sideburns as part of that promo. Another Sunday, we intentionally skipped church to see Francisco Liriano pitch.

July 2003, with my dad, little Julia, Matty and Caroline, who arrived a few weeks later!
July 2003, with my dad, little Julia, Matty and Caroline, who arrived a few weeks later!

cara on field

matt and nick on field

Matt got to see his then hero, Payton Manning, up close.
Matt got to see his then hero, Payton Manning, up close.
Matty as Joe.
Matty as Joe.

7. Sharing the joy

My mom, an equally rabid Twins fan, came to the very last Twins game at the Dome. Still makes me smile, her right behind home plate soaking it all in… And now we know the pure joy of Target Field and outdoor baseball together!

mom and i last game

8. Introducing my generation

Just a few weeks ago, my husband used those great connections again to, again, get on-field passes. My brother in law, at his first Vikes game, met Carl Eller on the field. Priceless. (And then new gun Cordarrelle Patterson ran back a kick for TD on the FIRST play of the game.)


I think these memories are better because, well, they’re my memories. And I will treasure them forever. Goodbye, Dome. Thank you for giving me reasons to never, ever act my age.


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