Lean in, young lady: Take our daughter to work day

Since my main office is a home office, I feel like our kids are with me at work every day. Especially in the summer.

But today was a rare chance to take our youngest to one of my company’s offices, and I hope she learned a few things. Look out, world, this generation of women will change us all…for the better.

1. Go ahead, be assertive

So what if some call it bossy? She picked our breakfast and lunch locations. A lovely walk to Dakota Harvest Bakery for cinnamon rolls. Then Rhombus Guys’ rooftop, on a gorgeous summer day!

photo 1


2. Take credit for your accomplishments

Cara mastered the label machine, re-organized the office supply room, created “Best mom in the world” awards and a sweet packet of notes and pictures for her Gram, Gramps, their dog and cat. She proudly distributed them in person.

photo 2

3. Be bold

Apparently my powerpoint presentation was “boring,” since she turned to her iPad instead. But she did comment that she liked the colors I chose.

 4. Own your space

Take a seat at the table–or the pilot seat of a rocket ship. Listen, tune in, then contribute. And make others feel part of the action. Way to go, Cara! You’ll be a great colleague someday. Today, you already were. Rock on and lean in.

diet coke break

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