Nice find, Ponce de Leon

Approaching San Juan, Puerto Rico by sea, it doesn’t look very welcoming.

Miles of stone walls and the Castillo San Cristobal fortress protected Spain’s critical settlement from frequent attacks, invaders who were after the gold, silver and other treasures from the New World.

Today, San Juan is an exuberant blend of colorful Latin culture. It was the very first time our ship had ported in this gorgeous city, and we loved every minute of exploring what is now a very approachable city.

Lucky us, our port side of the ship gave us a perfect view of arriving.

A dolphin and her baby even escorted us into the port!

First stop? Birthplace of the Pina Colada, of course.

Then on to some sites–and sights–in our Latin whites!

Doesn’t our Caroline look thrilled at another historical site?

Lots of cats in Old Town … probably not a rodent problem there, either, huh?

Knock, knock

It’s not just a gate; for centuries, this doorway, La Puerta de San Juan, served to keep invaders out of the city. And when Spainards arrived, they walked straight up this roadway to the Cathedral to, like good Catholic boys, thank God for a safe voyage.

Plaza de la Rogativa

Amazing views, both panoramically around the sea and up close in the plaza.

The bronze sculpture, “The Procession,” tells the legend of a Catholic Bishop and his companions during a British invasion on San Juan in 1797. The Bishop and his friends made a procession in faith holding crosses, torches and chanting. The British thought they were Spanish Army reinforcements and gave up on the attack. “Faith does move mountains,” huh?

What do J. Lo and Ponce de Leon have in common?

Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony here. Ponce de Leon’s tomb is here. It’s graceful Catedral de San Juan Bautist or Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. It’s also the second-oldest Cathedral in the Americas. Juan Ponce de Leon’s body is encased in a marble tomb here, but it wasn’t his original burial place. He was originally entombed in theIglesia de San José where his family worshiped. After 350 years in his original resting place, his body was moved to the Catedral de San Juan in 1912 to commemorate the 400-year anniversary of evangelization. Nice resting place, Juan.

Seaside resting spot

Only Puerto Rico can make a cemetery extraordinary! Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis is elegant and beautifully perched on the Atlantic, radiating tranquility and rich history. The oceanfront location symbolizes the journey over to the afterlife, reflecting the Spainards’ superstitions and fear of death.

UNESCO says yes

A UNESCO site, Castillo San Cristóbal is a magnificent fortification. We visited on a Sunday, walking from the cemetery to the huge fort while people had picnics set out and were flying kites. So appreciate the Latin focus on family and fun!

The color of San Juan

…is anything but old. Strolling along cobblestone streets while the teenagers worked on their Spanish verbal skills with vendors, we soaked in the radiance of this marvelous Caribbean city.

We’re grateful you sailed into San Juan, Sir de Leon. And thankful for the vibrant history lessons and colorful day in today’s bright city! Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

Hi again, Haiti

The only “repeat” stop from our last cruise was this lovely private island, Labadee, in Haiti. Such a country of contrasts: gorgeous mountains, beaches, people and culture. Yet such a heartbreakingly troubled history–and present–laden with turmoil and hurt. With all this in mind, we appreciated our day in Haiti.

Good morning, land! The very tip of Haiti.


Early morning view of Haiti from our deck balcony.

Walking ashore, where it’s hard to decide which view from the walkway is more gorgeous.

The first beach you encounter has big oceanside waves, yet also ankle-eating rocks and coral. So it was our mermaid Caroline’s favorite playground! Julia and I were happier on the shore at this beach.

Haiti in the sand


Hi, Cara. Could you come in now? You’re making me a little nervous… my lifeguarding skills are a tad rusty.


The next two beaches are sandy and absolutely perfect for a beach day. Just the thing for this Midwestern American family. It was a day that brought us all peace.

As our feet sank into the sand, those early mornings of icy darkness as we all headed off to school and work — those sank away. As the waves lapped, those days of shoveling snow melted away. Under the Caribbean sun, the stress of tests and presentations and travel dissipated. Swimming, floating and playing in the salty waves, the chill of very late nights at hockey rinks washed away. In the wind of the palm trees, the tension blew away. And in the pages of new stories, the sting of that missed 27-yard field goal even faded. A bit.

We came out of the water refreshed, renewed. And hungry! With a steel drum band nearby, we enjoyed a yummy shore lunch. Caribbean jerk chicken, ribs, loads of fresh veggies and exotic fruits … and lemon coconut cookies. Love you, Haiti.

Thanks for starting our cruise port experiences off just perfectly yet again, Haiti.

Goodbye Haiti
Farewell, lovely land. We wish you the peace you so generously gave us.

Shipping the Hansen family

IMG_1147A 10-day cruise? Three full days of sailing? Whatever will you do? So asked one of our friends. We all smiled, a bit knowingly, since we’d been on the same ship, Oasis of the Seas, two years ago for Spring Break, and were all eager to get back onboard. (The one place we never did find: The Library.) Highlights of our second cruise on the Oasis:

Time together

At home, we have careers, jobs, school, studies, sports, volunteering…gosh we’re busy. Which means we’re rarely together. So the real value of this cruise was all the time together. Mostly laughing. Lots of great chats. And more laughing.

Family selfie in the elevator one night after dinner.
Family selfie in the elevator one night after dinner.

Exploring the ship

Of course the first place we found (just a few doors from our staterooms)? The Library!

Oasis of the Seas Library

Working out

A few laps on the track, more laps in the pool, Zumba!, weight lifting, dancing poolside. Ahhh.


One lap to go | or maybe three | Tonight’s dessert | Will be guilt-free
While our boys watched their UND hockey team win online, we went ice skating!

Some Vitamin D and “Sea”


Showtime tonight!

We took in at least one show every day, including CATS (yeah, it’s a weird musical), dive shows, an acapella group, a singer/comedian, ice skating show, Latin dance party, adult comedy (highlight = Jim David of Comedy Central in this election year!), international belly flop contest and Greg’s favorite (laden with BeeGee’s tunes): 70s dance party.

ice show

The Dreamworks characters were always around for some fun.
The Dreamworks characters were always around for some fun.
Yo, Alex.
Yo, Alex.





Movie night! We saw Creed and, finally, Mockingjay 2.
Movie night! We saw Creed and, finally, Mockingjay 2.


Nice, Jules.
Nice, Jules.
Groovy. The Village People showed up.


View of one of the hot tubs that cantilevers out over the sea, which we could see from our cabin’s balcony.

We relaxed in all of the whirlpools at all hours. My favorite: A late-night soak with Matty where we solved all the world’s problems under the stars.

Admiring the sculptures

Creations in our cabins each evening and at the towel stands made us laugh…


This was in the kids' cabin one evening. Our stateroom attendant kept the light on so they weren't totally freaked out.
This was in the kids’ cabin one evening. Our stateroom attendant kept the light on so they weren’t totally freaked out.

Exploring the ship


Because if there’s a carousel, you ride it.
m johnny rockets
And when there’s a Johnny Rockets, you go there. Best. Malts. Ever.
Order room service breakfast and eat on your balcony overlooking Central Park (the kids' cabin this cruise).
Order room service breakfast and eat on your balcony overlooking Central Park (the kids’ cabin this cruise).


Sipping in the Rising Tide bar, which goes up and down. Yeah, gimmicky. But yeah, cool.
Sipping in the Rising Tide bar, which goes up and down. Yeah, gimmicky. But yeah, cool.

And a late-night stroll…


under a full moon, with people I so adore.

So that. That is what we did on our cruise days.