Pirate party

Ahoy! For our son’s 7th birthday, we did a Pirate Party. At the time, he was very into Peter Pan (Captain Hook is one of my fav villians) and had heard about Pirates of the Caribbean (who doesn’t love Captain Jack Sparrow?).

Apparently, the photo CD documenting this particular party was shipwrecked, so here’s my recollection of the fun afternoon:


Message in a bottle – We purchased little plastic bottles with a cork top and screw-off bottom. Wrote the party info on a sheet of yellowed paper (burn the edges a tad) and added some edible rock candy, then delivered them to all the boys in person. Sample invite info:

AAAARGH! Get ye swarmy self to a Pirate Party for Swabbie Matt <date, time, etc.>


Loads of red and black balloons, streamers, a huge rope net with inflatable sea creatures caught inside. Blow-up pirate ship, which was also a ring toss game. (Good investment, since we also used it for Matt’s sister’s Mermaid party.) This cake I did order from Target’s Bakery. It was shamefully expensive, but so much fun!


As the boys arrived, we applied tattoos and had them put on pirate bandanas (Party City) and eye patches (Oriental Trading). They boys had to walk the plank, blindfolded of course. I found a stuffed crocodile and sewed in a kitchen timer with a velcroed spot where you could access it to set it. They took turns hiding the croc, setting the timer, and trying to find it before the “ding.” Whoever couldn’t find it had to walk the plank — a 2 x 4 set up on rocks.

We had a cannonball fight (black balloons filled with water, Party City), played ring toss and played “Hook” (tag)– whoever had the hook hand was “it.” We played ships across the ocean, of course!

This was a great kid’s party and still makes me smile, thinking of a gaggle of pirates running around our house.



2 thoughts on “Pirate party

  1. Wow that sound great I’m currently searching party ideas for my sons birthday party and , I’m going to use some of your ideas, can you please tell me where I can find the plastic bottles with the screw off bottom? Thanks Michelle

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