Rock climbing + floor hockey birthday party

After the Pirate Party got a little uncivilized (!), we chose a  nearby health club for our son Matt’s 8th birthday bash. He opted for the Rock Climbing and Floor Hockey variation, and we used their party room for the cake/gifts/party parts.


We combined candy rocks (from a local candy shop) and hockey-themed candy that I made and packaged it in plastic containers, then slipped in the invitation information. (Most rock-climbing venues also require parent permission, so I included those forms, too.) We hand-delivered the packages to all the invitees.

Candy mold from Wilton that I used to make chocolates.







We started with rock climbing. It was fun to see kids who normally shoot for land speed records in other action get a bit of a challenge going vertical.

Birthday boy on the wall.
Sis Julia belaying down after ringing the bell (there’s one at the top of each route up.)

Half-time = party time

The guests took a break to brag about their climbing prowess while eating pizza, then cake and ice cream while Matt opened his gifts.

The cake decorators at our local bakery were game to create a rock-climbing cake. It was tasty!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

To the floor

Matt’s first love is hockey, so he was most excited about the floor hockey action. Even us adults got into the game!

Then. +youch+ Poor Matt caught a stick near his eye.

 Gift bags + Thank you notes

The gift bags included a water bottle, Gatorade, photo of the individual guest on the rock wall (their staff members developed them during the party), outdoor hockey puck, carabiner keychain and, after Matt’s little accident, a band-aid (ha).

A few days later, we sent this thank you:

 This was a fun party — and certainly memorable since Matty still has a little scar from that stick!


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