Wizard of Oz birthday party

Our 8th birthday party for daughter Dorothy, er, JULIA, was arguably my fav kid’s birthday party of all time. I got ambitious and sewed her a Dorothy costume (which she and little sis later wore as their Halloween costumes). The invitations invited guests to dress up for the party, too! And they did: we had a witch and several lovely good witches/princesses.

Baby sister and little cousin dressed up as munchkins. Bro Matt (right) helped contain the flying monkeys! The door sign is right from the movie and easy to make!

Invitations and decorations

We printed off the party info in every color of the rainbow and decorated the invites with loads of rainbow stickers. We then rolled up the invitations, tied them with an Emerald City green ribbon and hand-delivered them to all the invitees.

Use sidewalk chalk to create a yellow brick road up your driveway/walkway!

More decor tips and ideas:

– Lots of balloons in every color of the rainbow

– Inside, emerald green balloons everywhere

Look who our house landed on! (striped tights/socks, red heels and a sign — inexpensive + very easy!) You could also do a scarecrow or huge rainbow.

– Fill a part of your yard with red silk poppies (great for a game, mentioned later)

– Rainbow pinata


We played:

– Musical chairs to songs from the movie (CD or download a few on iTunes)

– Find the monkeys,” where the kids took turns hiding 4 stuffed monkeys and finding them around the yard

– Tag, in the field of poppies, where the poppies were “goal.” We also played a “pick poppies” game: the person who could gather the most in a few minutes won a little prize.

– Pin the tail on the lion

– Dance party to a few more songs from the movie

– Pinata

Big surprise

I, ahem, “didn’t see it,” but the guests told me the Wicked Witch showed up and took Julia (in her Dorothy outfit) up to her tower (her bedroom). “And she took Toto, too!” All the guests tried to get her away, but the Witch wouldn’t let her go. THEN, Julia noticed the bucket of water (sparkly turquoise and blue shredded tissue paper) and threw it on the Witch, who then melted! (hint to parents: a black cape, black witches hat and green face paint goes on and comes off quickly for your acting performance)


We curled up to watch part of the movie with:

– Rainbow parfaits (make jello in various colors and pour it in layers into really tall clear plastic cups)

– Rainbow popcorn (you can still find it in some specialty groceries!)

– Green punch

– Kansas  barbecue  sandwiches, baked beans and potato salad

Cake and ice cream

Julia helped make her cake with M & M’s and other confections:

Gift bags

Go through the aisles of your favorite party and dollar stores for inspiration. I found loads of rainbow stickers, green glasses, a stuffed lion with heart necklace to fit child on him, gold medal on ribbon with “courage” printed on sparkly paper and glued onto front and backand, of course, bottle of water to melt any witches (I did customized labels for the water, too).

Thank yous


We delivered handmade hot air balloon favors with a note from Julia thanking her guests for visiting Oz and helping her get away from the Wicked Witch!

This is a timeless birthday party based on a beautifully timeless story and movie. It would work for any age and I still have wonderful memories of this lovely day (and my stint as a wicked witch … hee hee).



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