Art in Bloom: MIA with My Mom

This year, two of my favorite days of the year were one and the same.

1. The NFL Draft ~ Welcome to the Vikings, Mr. Kalil.

2. Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts ~ There were more exhibits than ever this year, with some floral designers (or do I call them artists?) taking on some very ambitious works in MIA’s collection. My mom and I really enjoyed these creations:

Only Bachman’s … nearly 2-story breathtaking display in the Rotunda. The blue orchids caught your eye first, but the true beauty was in the details.


Isn’t she gorgeous?
Love the painting. Kinda love the floral creation.
Modern art isn’t my preferred style, but this was lovely. Especially the vessel.

My beloved Georgia O’Keeffe’s “City Night”
Literal but lovely interpretation.

By far the most moving piece was this.

Notice the genuine artillery vessel and genuine “dog tags.” It was very quiet at this display, and people spent a nice long time in contemplation/prayer/reflection.

THAT’s what art should do! AFFECT us.