A BLAST: Mill City Museum

It’s the ultimate combination: kids think they’re having fun; parents know they’re learning. One of the best things about living near a vibrant city is the rich arts and culture. Minneapolis – St Paul has incredible museums I’m always happy to visit.

My mom and dad and I took 3 of their grandkids for a day at Mill City Museum, one of my favorite haunts. Niece Allison had been there for a field trip this spring and took us directly to the Flour Tower. Hi, Dad!

That’s an excellent place to start your visit to this museum. As your elevator moves you through 8 floors, you learn the story of the Washburn Mill. Nearly 100 years of flour power on the banks of the river in Minneapolis. The boom times, sad times, unsafe times, and boom (as in explosion) times.

Look where you land! The top of the Mill, overlooking beautiful Minneapolis. Hi, Mom!

A glass elevator overlooks the Mill ruins and the historical yet modern city all around.

Other highlights in the Museum:

Interactive, hands-on water area. Move the logs, feel the power of water, harness the river’s energy.

How to market the flour and flour-made products

Betty Crocker (see? Minnesota girls age better than most.) Must be the water, fresh air and grains.
Create your own cereal box.

Build a huge puzzle!

Nice teamwork, kids (and Grandpa, the ultimate puzzle-builder).’

Appreciate quirks

Kevin Kling’s movie, Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat, should be required viewing for all Minnesotans. It completely captures our history, habits, lifestyles, values, traditions and, yep sure you betcha, quirks. Watch a clip here. Gosh darn it.

Sobering new display

Mill City is home to the recently unveiled tribute to those involved in the 35W Bridge Collapse. It’s a simply beautiful display.


And where do you lunch after a morning at Mill City Museum? Well somewhere with good old fashioned durum pasta, of course. The Old Spaghetti Factory!

Thanks for a lovely day, fellow Minnesotans!