J’adore: St. Maarten, West Indies

Kinda cool to wake up as you sail into TWO countries’ lands–with room service breakfast on your balcony.

We arrived in St. Maarten (French), Sint Maarten (Dutch). By either name, it’s a lovely island that truly lives up to its universal nickname: The Friendly Island.


The border, nearly right down the middle of the island. The story? A Frenchman and a Dutchman stood back-to-back, then walked in opposite directions along the coast. Where they met, a horizontal line was drawn to set the border. Our tour guide also explained why the French side is a good five square miles larger. The Frenchman spiked his Dutch counterpart’s hiking beverage with rum. Either way, it’s a charming little legend!

Lunch friends

Beach fun

Yes, we played in the waves, got footrubs and walked the long stretches of lovely soft sand. (No, we didn’t do “as in Rome” and participate on the nude beach side. Although as our teenage fashion-conscious daughter noticed, that would avoid tan lines. Pas tres bien, mon amie!)


family go pro selfie
Family Go Pro selfie at Orient Beach.

We also shopped a bit, mom got to see some churches, and then headed back to our boat via water taxi after a gloriously friendly day.

Thanks for writing your culture on our hearts and minds, Saint Maarten. J’adore.